Who We Are

We specialize in different areas of Market Development services and we help our clients grow their business through research solutions to their business challenges and opportunities. We are registered in Botswana and are 100% citizen owned.

We are a diverse mix of experts, including customer intelligence experts, marketers, research experts, communication experts and trainers. Together, we identify and understand our client’s key challenges, and we identify ways we can help them achieve their goals and effectively position themselves.

We conduct research in 18 additional African countries through our strategic partners

Our Mission

To provide world class, tailor made and value adding Research Solutions to clients and be the inspiration behind the world’s iconic brands and service-led business successes

Our Vision

To expand our footprints beyond Africa


Providing all our services with courtesy, excellence, respect and a smile at all times

Our Passion

Customer Intelligence
Customer Intelligence
Find more profitable growth opportunities and amplify your marketing initiatives with our customer intelligence solutions
Customer Intelligence

  • Mystery shopping
  • Customer Surveys
  • Employee Engagement surveys
  • Customer Intercepts
  • Consumer Insights

Market Intelligence
Market Intelligence
We use insight, analysis and data to develop market positioning for our clients
Market Intelligence

  • Research
  • Trends
  • Business Analysis
  • Growth Finder
  • Surveys
  • Data collection and analysis

Staff training & Development
Staff training & Development
Based on the gathered information from our research, we teach and empower your staff to improve their skills, and assist them in achieving their true potential in the workplace
Staff training & Development

  • Customer Service
  • Supervisory Skills
  • Presentation Skills
  • Management Skills
  • Selling Skills
  • Teambuilding

We make it easier for you to reach your colleagues and clients at a reasonable cost, making sure that the message is sent to their ear quickly

  • Advertising
  • Concept testing and development
  • Events co-ordination & development
  • Branding (conceptualization, activation & analysis)
  • Outdoor branding

The Limix Advantage

Follow the results in real time
We can set up a secure cloud platform to enable you to follow the assignment and download the results in real time.

Innovative and technologically advanced systems
Our research is conducted using innovative and modern technology equipment for quality and accurate results

Based on a deep understanding of research and markets
Our researchers are domain experts, familiar with issues and trends in these service oriented areas. At the same time, our analysts are well-versed in assessing business implications in all the industry we serve.

Factual, detailed, and numerate
We support conclusions with specific data, examples, and case studies. Limix reports and other deliverables provide specific numbers – market sizes, figures of merit, price/cost, and revenues – to help make decisions

Bold and opinionated
We do not simply take claims or reports at face value, but apply critical analysis to cut through the hype and get to what is really true. We do not just report data or information, but say what it means – and put a firm stake in the ground in recommending what clients should do.

Quality of reports
The process includes stringent quality checks for all reports through a dedicated quality assurance & controls team, and also a random audit of reports by our Quality Audit team

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Contact Details

  • Plot 192, Unit 7 Commerce park, Gaborone
  • PO Box AE452 AEH, Gaborone
  • (+267) 76 29 29 21

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“Quality of Service is Our Business”

When you hire Limix Research , you’re hiring more than a company to conduct research, training or communication, You’re hiring a business partner with a sincere interest in the health and success of your business